By: Gary Samson
By: Matt

Models are Paula and Bridazzle Fern Lueck
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By: Matt
By: Matt
By: Gary Samson
A Letter

This is a letter to September, 
to warm days & cool nights. 
One with the full moon behind it, 
and a blessed harvest ahead. 
A letter to ember leaves rising, 
and black-branched trees to come. 
To the green carpet still beneath our feet, 
and to the broken confetti of late fall leaves.

I am the veins of red rock,

The humble silence of an energetic mediator,

A bird of prey over the vast extraterrestrial 

Landscapes of this world and the next, 

A desert’s souvenir,

The ripples of Light’s dance,

A jackrabbit’s race,

The jagged writing of a car ride.

Thou art God.